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Head of Walker Farm

Chicken Eggs, Hatching

Chicken Eggs, Hatching

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Egg Color (Dozen)

1 dozen (12) fresh chicken eggs from our ladies! Our flock is a mixed flock so eggs will vary in colors ranging from white to cream to blues and greens.  Eggs are no more than 5 days old, as hatchability decreases after 7 days.  

Due to the numerous variables, we are unable to guarentee hatching.  Failure of eggs to develop (showing clear at candeling) does not equal infertility. Hatching eggs are always a gamble!  We sell the same eggs we incubate in house and track our hatch rates - which, for us is between 75 and 90%.

Again, our flock is a mixture of Ayam Cemani, Black Jersey Giants, Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, Bluebell Eggers, Ameracuanas, Black Copper Marans, Polish and Silkies amoung other mixes.  Our eggs are sold as a Barnyard Mix and not as purebred eggs.  

**NEW FOR 2024!**  You can now order a specific color or combination of colors!

We are UNABLE to ship eggs at this time.  Please choose the Local Pick-up option at checkout.

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