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We Love Our Fainting Goats!

Before we started Head Of Walker Farm, we knew we wanted to raise and breed Myotonic Goats (aka Fainting Goats). In order to raise this threatened breed responsibly, we became members of the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR), which tracks all lineages of registered myotonic goats.

What is a Myotonic Goat? Myotonic or Fainting goats have an inherited muscle condition called myotonia congenita or Thompson's disease. When startled, the goats' muscles essentially lock up and freeze and then immediately relax. This is what causes the fainting action and causes no harm or pain to the animal. There are levels of myotonia, ranging from never stiffening with other breed traits retained all the way to walking stiff legged and readily locking up.

All of our breeding goats are MRG registered and can be fully transferred with membership application to MGR.

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    Who's Behind Head Of Walker Farm

    Welcome to our little slice of heaven! My name is Chrissie and, along with my husband Dustin, we are the owners of Head of Walker Farm. We have 3 children, Trenton (7), Ethan (6) and Kinsley (2).

    We moved to Bland at the end 2022 after building our dream house on our little piece of land. 2023 was a year of ups and downs as we navigated farm life and tried to find a balance between work life, farm life and family life. Our small farm has already had such an impact on so many and we are blessed to be able to share our story and farm with you!